I was on a coaching call today with “Joe” (and yes, he is an engineer). Joe wants to occur as engaging and inspiring. He has a track record of being detailed and at times scattered. I offered to be mute on one of his project update calls and listen FOR him and his intention of being engaging and inspiring.

We reviewed the feedback from his “status” call and I asked Joe “What is the real value of this status call? Are you looking for alignment, mis-alignment, inputs? Does each participant on the call KNOW their importance on the call?”
I encouraged him to go beyond the mundane (unengaged and uninspiring) status to the actual very real value and importance. He WOKE UP! It was amazing. It was like the sleeping pill wore off and he said “I get it! This actually IS important and I have been making it routine.”

The only thing better than a good question is listening to the response!!!