I am so fortunate to be exposed to leaders around the world. I am in South Africa and Kenya and inspired by the leaders here – their brilliance, spirit and perseverance. Pria came up to me for coaching today. She said “I love the trust model, I mean really love it. Thank you for sharing and making trust so clear. I now know that I don’t trust my boss. He only wants compliance -he is demanding and won’t listen to my ideas. For sure, I don’t trust him. What do I do next now that I am clear about this?”

I said “What are your options? And be clear every choice has consequences.” Pria continued “I want to leave – I can’t. I want to tell him he is a jerk – I can’t.”


I slowed down everything and I suggested “What would courage look like in this situation? Real courage?” Her eyes were fixed. She said, ” I would do what I can, share what I know and get serious about finding a new boss.”

YES! Be courageous and trust yourself.