The pace of coaching is critical. I have SLOWED down so many coaching conversations and yet with Erica – her pace is like lightening. She is efficient, driven, smart and productive. Wow! AND she is exhausted, experiencing health and well-being concerns, not aligned with her boss and, at times, describes herself as “mean to my family”.

Yesterday, I coached Erica. We slowed it way, way, way down. I asked her “what happens when you are mean to your family?” She replied, ” I am so tired I yell – I tell them they are not helping me, I say they are the reason I am not happy!” I asked her to take three very deep breathes and then pause. I got her to be quiet. Pause and breathe. I then slowly asked, “How do you really want your family to experience you?” She shared immediate emotion, beautifully overwhelmed with the desire to have them know how much she loves and appreciates them. The “over-achieving” pace has left her disconnected from herself and the love and support of her family.

Serving SLOWLY is a breakthrough.