Have you ever wondered what it means to be “open, present and connected” as a child? Thanks to my 11 month old son, Charlie I think I have a good idea.

Last Friday it was a rare 70 degree February day in Upstate New York. Shocker, right? On my way home from errands with my son I decided to open all the windows in the car and let that fresh air flow in. Suddenly, I heard Charlie CRACKING UP in the back. Sure enough I look in the mirror to find his blonde hair completely sticking up in the wind and his arms waving in the air as if he were on a roller coaster, all while laughing hysterically. At a stoplight this all would cease, and then the moment the breeze hit Charlie’s face, the pure happiness would start again. The giggles were infectious.

In this moment, I felt so lucky. SO lucky to have my little Charlie remind me to savor all the tiny, beautiful joys in life. In this moment he was truly open, present and connected. He had absolutely nothing else to do, other than feel the wind in his hair and ride the breeze. I joined Charlie in this “extreme moment of joy”, and together we rode the breeze, enjoying each other’s company on this beautiful February day!