In a recent course in Detroit a participant wrote a letter entitled “WAKE-UP”! It was to herself to wake-up to her own leadership. I was so inspired. It got me thinking – where/when/with whom have I fallen asleep? On auto pilot? I KNOW this? Not being courageous? Lacking curiosity?

I reflected on the flight home: “WAKE-UP Sandy! You are more than what you have become as a coach!” I was uncomfortable. What if I am not taking the right amount of time to get to the real “heart of the matter” when I am coaching?

Bottom line is I am committing to 40 days of PRACTICE!! I am going to conduct a personal inventory of the last 3 months of coaching conversations. I am going to get vulnerable and ask: “What was the real impact? What did you want more? Of what?” Going forward, my intention is to slow down and serve at least three people a day. Serve them inspiration or be served by their inspiration. On the court of serving as a leader and a coach. I will post about my “on the court service” every week for the next 40 days.

40 days will keep me in the court and take me way beyond information and put me at the doorstep of transformation. I have been coaching for 15+ years and what is it that I DKDK (don’t know, I don’t know) about the depth and impact of coaching? I am willing to mumble, stumble, fumble and bumble at an area of my professional life that I think/thought I had handled. I am now AWAKE… I may have gone TO the finish line not THRU the finish line in serving as a coach. Let this Grand Adventure begin…again!!!!