As an inspiring leader it is always a good practice to slow down and check-in on your three powerhouses – your HEAD, HEART and GUTS. Only when our three powerhouses are aligned can we BE inspiring leaders. It can be done in two simple steps:
Step one: Let’s check-in!
  • Where are you a “green light”?
  • Where might you be a “yellow or red light”?
  • Do you notice a need to calibrate? If so, step one is to SLOW down, and maybe place your hand over your heart or your guts and reflect on what might be causing you to get off balance.


Step two: Get coaching! A coach can help you untangle your thinking and get to the source of your red or yellow lights. Your Alchemy Coach would be happy to be in touch with you.


For more on HEAD, HEART and GUTS check out Sandy’s video.