The Alchemy Group is not a collection of instructors who teach leadership. Rather we share, inspire and practice leadership together with each and every participant that comes our way. To date, over 400,000 leaders around the world have experienced Alchemy and the transformation this team offers.

What Makes Us Unique?


We Practice Leadership

Like a doctor practices medicine, at Alchemy we practice leadership. Leadership is not a theory, a model or an evaluation. Leadership is A PRACTICE.

No Powerpoints or Pre-baked Solutions

Every participant of an Alchemy offering is a teacher AND a learner. While Alchemy provides provocative content, each participant brings the content to life/reality.

We Track and Analyze Trust

TRUST is the commodity of leadership. Alchemy shares a model for how to define and adjust levels of trust to harness the leadership capability of TRACKING TRUST.

We Slow Down to go Fast

As children, we are taught to STOP, DROP and ROLL when a fire breaks out. Similarly, and differently, at Alchemy we SLOW DOWN, GET ACCURATE, and CALIBRATE COURAGE.

We Operate in the "Learning Zone"

At Alchemy we push outside the comfort zone, and we do not enter the “danger zone”. We learn from the sweet spot in-between these two zones – the LEARNING ZONE.

We Ask the Question(s)

We ask questions that unlock NEW THINKING, we uncover the power of having a coach and being coachable, and we take our queues from participant curiosities.

The Alchemy Group