The Coaches

Amy Hruby, MA

Executive Coach & Alchemy Coaching Coordinator

Amy Hruby comes to the field of executive coaching with over eight years of coaching experience. Amy’s inner attunement, wisdom, deep listening skills, and genuine caring creates a space which allows her clients the ability to access their own inner wisdom. Her coaching inspires her clients to create new possibilities by supporting them in owning their magnificence and “breaking” next actions into “doable” next steps. She has great success with assisting her clients with achieving more fulfilling, purposeful lives personally and professionally.

Amy has held positions on virtually every rung of the leadership ladder: Administrator, Manager, Director, and the Vice President level. She’s worked for family-owned businesses, institutions of higher education and start-ups. Amy loves serving organizations that are making a difference in people’s lives and the world. Supporting visionaries in bringing their visions to life is at the heart of her life’s purpose.

Amy holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Westminster College and a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. She also received a Certification in Consciousness, Health & Healing and a Certification as a Soul-Centered Professional Coach from the University of Santa Monica. She’s been married to her husband John for over 20 years and has two beautiful boys, Connor & Cayden. Amy lives in Los Angeles.

Alex Cary, MA

Executive Coach

Alex Cary is an executive life coach empowering individuals and organizations to thrive and achieve results with meaning. For over 17 years, she has worked as an internationally established entrepreneur, supporting clients to evaluate and alter the very trajectory of their lives, for the better. Alex’s approach to coaching is based on the premise that outer experience is a reflection of inner reality, and that we already possess the creativity, resourcefulness and wisdom necessary to reach our highest human potential. In other words, there is nothing within us that needs to be “fixed”. Rather, the opportunity in coaching is to identify and remove perceived limitations that block our true strengths and talents from naturally coming forward.

Alex began her career in account management for multi-national advertising agencies partnering with Mazda Motor Cars, Asiana Airlines, DirecTV and Mattel. In 1999, she launched her first entrepreneurial endeavor in design which grew to have an international presence. After receiving a Masters in Spiritual Psychology, Alex followed her heart and launched her professional coaching career – and she’s never looked back.

Nicola Albini, JD, MA

Executive Coach

Nicola Albini guides executives, athletes and organizations to redefine success, create results and actualize their full potential. As a businessman and former athlete, he brings a seasoned yet unique perspective to personal growth, leadership and performance development.

Originally from Italy, Nicola is a co-owner of a shipping company, a $500+ million business with 1000+ employees worldwide. Now based in California, he brings his 20 years of business experience to individual and organizational coaching clients as an expert in the complex dynamics of personal and professional relationships, leadership, and peak performance in all areas of life.

Nicola has a law degree from the University of Florence and holds a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. He also received extensive NLP and Enneagram training, and a Conscious Leadership Group coaching certification and affiliation. His specialties lie in: Transformational Coaching, Peak Performance, Team Building, Culture & Organizational Change, and the 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership.

Elizabeth Goldman, MA, LCSW

Executive Coach

Liz Goldman is an executive coach and licensed clinical social worker. She has over 20 years of experience working with individuals and groups, and combines her many years of experience into a framework where people can do deep work and move their lives forward in significant ways.  Liz’s individual clients include men and women who are taking their professional lives to the next level, facing opportunities in their parenting, or are in major transitions in their lives including divorce, physical health challenges, or professional career changes. Liz serves a wide range of people from leaders in corporate positions to writers, lawyers, and small business owners. She excels in helping people take the blinders off and get beyond the limiting stories they have made up about themselves. Her commitment to assisting others in creating new stories and empowered possibilities is significant – Liz’s clients know that she will not let them play small. She believes that accessing one’s own unique gifts and wisdom is key to personal and professional transformation. In addition to her coaching practice, Liz is happily raising her two daughters, Sophie (14) & Olivia (12).

Liz holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Southern California and a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health and Healing. Liz maintains a clinical license in social work and holds a certificate in Trauma Studies from the Los Angeles Institute and Society for Psychoanalytic Studies.

Veronica Alweiss

Executive Coach

Veronica is an executive coach committed to high level results.  She’s been coaching for 15 years. Her business clients are global – in four continents and seven countries, across industries and diverse cultures. Veronica cultivates a profound partnership with her clients, achieving lasting impact on high performance, productivity, client relationships, business results, and quality of life. Her approach is to drive transformation both through bold and inspired visioning, planning and action, while equally sourcing the power of mindset. Her clients establish the new behaviors, habits and ways of thinking that they need to take their organization, their team, and themselves to higher performance levels. In addition, her clients learn to anchor themselves in their own purpose and interconnect that drive with the mission and objectives of the organization to which they contribute.

Veronica’s areas of focus include: developing skills in diagnosing and resolving organizational, team and individual performance challenges — Cultivating executive presence — Improving strategic thinking and vision-based leadership — Cultivating sales and presenting skills to improve achievement of business results — Developing communication strategies to increase influence and promote transformation

She is a Dale Carnegie graduate and earned her MA in Spiritual Psychology with an Emphasis in Consciousness, Health and Healing and her Professional Coaching Certification with the University of Santa Monica. Veronica is based in her beloved adopted city, New Orleans—the fulfillment of a life-long dream.

Tarita Preston

Executive Coach

Tarita Preston is an executive life coach who is passionate about helping people create a life on purpose. She works with leaders, entrepreneurs, and creatives. She coaches individuals on life and leadership and helps them bring presence to every moment. Her clients improve creativity, communication and understand the value of slowing down to speed up. She believes that we each are creative, resourceful and whole.

Tarita honed her skills in leadership and coaching by working in a number of environments around the globe. She started her career working on political campaigns in the United States and moved to London to work for the UK Parliament. She has lived abroad in South Korea as an English teacher and later became a Human Resources Business Partner for General Electric before becoming an


Tarita holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science and a Master’s Degree in Labor Employment Relations from the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign. She is trained in Co-Active Coaching and the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition. Her specialties include Team Building, Culture and Organizational Change, Conscious Communication and Conflict Management.

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