Leadership Anthropology

Igniting a cultural transformation across an organization

How do you know IT IS TIME for a culture transformation?

Is your team willing to demonstrate the courage needed to activate visible culture change?

Are you ready to take your organizational culture from compliance to authentic collaboration, trust and no fear?

Do you truly understand the gap between where you are as an organization and where you want to be?

What are the “signs” Alchemy Anthropologists look for when assessing cultural transformation readiness?

Sincere Commitment 

Humble Inquiry


When an organization is hungry for a culture transformation and committed to taking it from ordinary to extraordinary, the Alchemy Anthropology team is a vital partner to help understand the challenges and drive the transformation.

Phase I

Getting accurate on your current cultural “location” … illuminating TRUST as the key ingredient

Phase II

Igniting a culture transformation

Phase III

Inspiring long-term commitment and sustainability

What are the outcomes of a cultural transformation?

A sustainabletrusting, productive, and joyful company culture – a place where people want to work.

The Alchemy Group