Leadership & Inspiration

It’s time to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.

Consider This…

Practice does not make perfect, practice does make permanent.  Our group offerings are designed to support you, your team, and your organization on a continuous and never-ending leadership journey.  These programs create the space for new possibilities, new awakenings and even reimagined futures.

The Leadership Experience

Our marquis program, The Leadership Experience, takes place in a highly experiential format, which creates an environment where “we practice leadership, as opposed to teaching it.” With fresh listening, we inquire; with clear eyes, we discover; with objective coaching, we breakthrough – and begin to create a whole new future of leadership for you and your teams. The culminating experience is the declaration of a new personal and customized leadership BRAND that will produce the desired future results.

Participants in the leadership experience will align their heads, their hearts, and their guts, to unlock the leadership style that will help them create their future.

Additional Offerings

A "Wake-Up Call" For Leadership


This is the “gateway” session to ignite your Alchemy leadership journey. The intention of this session is to “wake-up” our thinking and explore the topic of leadership in new ways.  We spark a greater awareness for when leadership is required vs when managing is required. Equally as important, we address the timing and impact of when coaching is required and when mentoring is required. All topics are then placed on the spectrum of TRUST.

15-100 participants
90 minutes

Leadership Acceleration


This interactive session will clarify the difference between managing, leading, coaching and mentoring. We build off of a model that enables us to evaluate employee relationships, while assessing current levels of TRUST. We identify how and when managing, coaching, leading and/or mentoring will be most beneficial.  We discuss and explore the impact TRUST has on empowerment, motivation and inspiration of self, team members and organizations.

18-24 participants
1 day

Team Acceleration


This investment in your team will surface underlying constraints that hamper the team’s effectiveness and productivity and will ultimately improve results and working relationships. The team will address issues of relationships, truth telling, and openness to feedback. In a non-threatening way, team members will leave the experience knowing what is necessary to give to, and receive from the team, ultimately creating higher performance individually and collectively.

11-16 participants
1-2 days

The Alchemy Group