At The Alchemy Group

we spark a transformation when an individual, team or organization is no longer satisfied with the PRESENT – a present that may be common or ordinary, yet full of uncertainty, turnover, control, exhaustion, expectation and compliance. We facilitate a dialogue when an individual yearns to rediscover their authentic self, find inspiration and spark innovation.

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Leadership & Inspiration

Investing in SELF, investing in TEAM

Alchemy Academy of Coaches

Asking THE questions to unlock new futures

Leadership Anthropology

Sparking transformation across an organization

What’s the good word about Alchemy?

Don’t just take it from us, see what our past participants are saying…

“This [Leadership Experience] training has been the singularly most phenomenal and beneficial training I have received in my 10 years here – and in the course of my close-to-20 year career history. It brings enormous value to me personally as a leader and as such, to the leadership of this firm. I wanted to thank you personally for sponsoring it and recognizing its importance.”

Infosys Alumna

“It was an incredible [Leadership] experience. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of this experience. The material is so simple yet so profound. It awakens your inner confidence in so many ways and positively changes the way you interact with friends, families and colleagues. Small adjustments in your day-to-day turn into a shift in your mindset and your approach to daily challenges. I can confidently say I’m better for it. I trust the process and the reward it will reap.”

Univision Alumna

“To Sandy an Allie – you are angels…and magicians…and of course, alchemists. You served us to the highest level possible and for that, we’ll be forever appreciative. I don’t think anyone on this leadership team could have expected the journey and outcome from this week. In the end, this was our own journey to pave – we took it where we wanted to take it and BE.”

PayFlex Alumna

The Alchemy Group